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“The only dumb question
is the one that is never asked.”

“The only dumb question
is the one that is never asked.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCBV?

Clay County Boys Volleyball is a program created with the spirit to ignite a spark in the Clay County community. Intended for boys ages 11 to 18, it offers an opportunity for young men to experience a blend of more competitive volleyball outside of PE and part of a team environment. We hope that once these student-athletes get a taste of the sport, they’ll advocate for its adoption as an official school-sponsored sport in their middle and high schools. 

In which locations will we be?


St. Johns Country Day School
3100 Doctors Lake Drive
Orange Park, FL 32073


We initially planned for tournaments hosted by Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association (JJVA). However, this is subject to change based on tournament availability, as well as the feedback and preference of players and their families.

Why is the program only three months?

School sports are generally a season long. While CCBV is independent, there is value in creating a program that mirrors a school-sport timeframe for a myriad of reasons:

    • Increases participation
    • Keeps costs as low as possible
    • Serves as prototype of a school-sponsored sport
    • Allows boys to participate in other sports
    • Reduces mental and physical burnout
    • Eases organizational management, as well as planning and coordination
Why not extend the program year-round?

Great question. CCBV’s mission is to advocate for the adoption of boys volleyball in middle and high schools in Clay County. Although boys volleyball is the fastest-growing sport in high schools across the USA, it’s just sprouting in Jacksonville, Fla. For example, St. Johns County School District paved the way for offering the sport in its middle and high schools. However, Clay, Duval, Nassau and Baker counties don’t yet have it available in schools. We want to change that in Clay!

For those who live, eat, sleep (and want to rinse and repeat) volleyball, there are established boys volleyball programs in Jacksonville that offer year-round opportunities for young men to compete on club and travel teams.

What other options are there to play?

If new to volleyball, Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association (JJVA) offers VolleyBros. This would be a great way to introduce yourself to the sport, meet like-minded peers, get coaches on club and travel teams to notice you and HAVE FUN! It’s also held on Fridays, so would provide more touches to heighten your game.

The YMCAs in Clay County also offer recreational ball, which may be ideal for beginners.

For more experienced players who wish to play year-round, club and travel team tryouts at JJVA (Duval County) and Florida Prime (St. Johns County) traditionally are held in the fall, when the season kicks off. Things tend to simmer down in the spring to accommodate high school boys volleyball, then pick back up in May.

Some clubs offer camps and skills training during breaks and holidays, such as spring, summer and winter. We encourage you to check websites of organizations above and join e-mail lists to stay in the loop on offerings. 

Should you have questions, we’re glad to point you in the right direction. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

I can't make all tournaments. Can I still attend practice?

Of course. Our aim is to encourage boys ages 11 to 18 to participate as much as possible, but we understand scheduling conflicts. Just be sure to let us know so we can update the lineup for that tournament.

What are tryouts like?

Our goal is to make tryouts feel like practice — low key, not intimidating and fun! There will be a series of drills and likely a scrimmage. The day before, be sure to eat a good dinner, stay hydrated with water and get a good night’s rest. The day of, eat a light, healthy breakfast and bring a large water bottle. Toting a snack for after tryouts is a good idea.

We’ll check you in, give you a number, welcome everyone, and then we’re off to the races!

How many players will make the cut?

To keep teams manageable and allow players to take advantage of more personalized instruction, we’re striving to cap our JV and Varsity teams at 13 players each. We’re aiming to accommodate a JV team for boys 11 to 13 and Varsity team for boys 14 to 18. However, structure may change slightly due to factors including age, player experience, number of players and coach discretion. We not only want to ensure beginners gain the instruction they need to grow and love the sport, but also challenge and further elevate experienced players.

I have zero to little volleyball experience. Is that an issue for making the team?

We fully anticipate and encourage young men of skill levels to try out! If you’ve played basketball or tennis, volleyball will feel VERY familiar. If you’re a soccer player or runner, your speed will give you an edge. If a swimmer, your strength and cardiovascular fitness will be assets. As with any sport, it takes dedication, grit, resilience and passion. There are advantages to being a multi-sport athlete. If you’re new to sports, this is the perfect time and opportunity to get involved!

What happens if I don't make the team?

KUDOS for even getting out and trying! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so give yourself a ton of credit for getting out and giving it your best. We’ll provide you with feedback and options around the city so you can continue to practice and stay involved in boys volleyball.

Are there any payment options?

We’ve tried our hardest to keep costs the lowest possible to cover operational expenses. Should we receive any donations or interested sponsors, we’ll pass those savings directly and evenly to player families to reduce the three monthly installments of $175. Should you have any referrals, please email